The Color Drama Fabbag: July 2017

Hey Everyone,

So this month’s Fabbag is here & Can I say it’s a rather cutesy one ~ This month’s products are wrapped in a super pretty coral wristlet that can be totally paired with a white dress for an evening out, I’d say!! This month’s Fabbag includes a mix of skincare, hair-care & makeup ~ I received 4 full sized products in this month’s Fabbag & that was like a great surprise bcoz more often you receive a mix of trial sizes & full sizes so without further ado, let’s get to unveiling this month’s beauties….

Starting with the skincare & hair care products of this month’s fabbag: The first one in this month’s Fabbag is Kronokare’s Hydrate the Hair Mediterrean Citrus Shampoo which is priced @ 165 bucks for 55 mL’s ~ I took a whiff of this baby & it was so refreshingly citrusy…purrfect for the monsoons I’d say 🙂 Quite excited to try it & then the next one was a skin toner from tvakh ~ This is a new brand for me & seems the kinds to be all natural & free of parabens….This one is priced @ 160 bucks.  

The next 2 products in this month’s Fabbag are from my favorite category ~ Makeup! The first product being Sugar’s Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick in the shade Ellen Woods…..This was the one I added to my fabbag via the email catalog & I am quite thrilled to give it a whirl b’coz I love Sugar Products…They have some great makeup beings in their range & the next one is a skintint by Just Herbs which I am guessing is like a base product & it retails for 385 bucks for 15 grams….I have previously tried a few products from Just Herbs & they have so far turned out great so I am hoping this one will be amazing too 🙂 

So All in All, I’d say just like last month’s fabbag, this month’s fabbag may not include many samples but they are all full sized products that are looking great so I will be putting them to whirl real soon especially the Sugar Cosmetics & Just Herbs Skin Tint so with that I’d say it’s a total value for bucks again!  Do let me know what you think of this month’s fabbag & what did ya receive? ? 

Richa Saxena


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