Sugar’s Goddess of Flawless BB Cream: Review & Photos

So Sugar just expanded their range into BB Creams & I will tell you this: Though I adore Sugar Cosmetics, I was not so sure about how this BB Cream would turn out b’coz gurl…….BB Creams are those hard to get right beings that many a times turn out nothing more than a tinted moisturizer but Sugar waved it’s wand & did such a fab job with this one that I am all dying to tell you about it so without any further ado, here’z my review on……

Sugar’s Goddess of Flawless BB Cream

I love how Sugar’s Goddess of Flawless BB Cream is housed in this super chic & sleek tube that’s All-Matte & All Black & each of these tubes retails for 800 bucks a pop which I’d say is definitely premium but the good thing is…This is one of the few creams that does works towards giving that really beautiful natural finish for an everyday wear ~ The formula is the kinds that has a very soft whipped up fluffy kind of a texture which allows the products to apply with the utmost ease! I absolutely love the way Sugar’s BB Cream spreads across the skin 🙂 It settles down as All Matte but the good thing is that it’s not dehydrating but in-fact sort of hydrating like the way a BB Cream should be. 

Sugar’s Goddess of Flawless BB Cream is available in 4 shades: Latte & Macchiato for fair to medium skin tones while  Chocochino & Americano for Medium-dusky to deep skin-tones. That’s not a lot of shades but I really like the way they have segregated their shades to include more skin-tones into this range 🙂 For reference, my shade is Chocochino…..

Left: No BB Cream, Right: With Sugar’s BB Cream in Chocochino 

The Goddess of Flawless BB Cream has a medium coverage which is not bad for a BB Cream but if you’re someone whoeze looking to conceal pigmentation or acne scars, I’d suggest layering it on with a concealer or giving it a total skip. It stays on well & gives me an all day wear time & I love the fact that it’s infused with SPF 30+ making it ideal as an everyday base 🙂 

Price-Quantity: INR 800 for 25 mL’s

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B+

Richa Saxena

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