Sugar’s Twist & Shout Fadeproof Black Velvet Kajal: Review Nd Swatches

You can never have too many Black Kajals ~ Said Someone Sometime & I will tell ya this that those were the truest words ever said in the makeup-holic world! So, today I am gonna review another Black Kajal / Kohl by Sugar & It’s called….

Sugar’s Twist & Shout Fadeproof Black Velvet Kajal!


I love the way Sugar takes creative liberty in calling out their products & I also like how they add a little bit more to their packaging like here in the twist & shout fade-proof kajal is a slight cushion to get a better grip of the twist up kohl…That may not seem a lot in a glance but it’s actually a pretty cool addition 🙂 Each of these is price tagged @ 350 bucks a pop & is currently available in 2 shades ~ One is supposed to be a deep blue liner & this one here is a beautiful classic black that sugar likes to call Black Velvet! 


Application-wise, Sugar’s twist & shout fade-proof kajal is uuuhmazing ~ Black Velvet glides on with the utmost ease & there is no tugging or pulling except that I don’t like to use it on my lash-line a lot bcoz twist-ups generally tend to break & that is the case with this one too so I stick to lining my waterline with Black Velvet & I think it does a fab job. Not only these glide on well, Sugar’s Twist & Shout Black Velvet Kajal is pretty pigmented too ~ At-most, I needed 2 swipes to get a beautiful kohl-rimmed look! & Is it really fade-proof? Well, I get an average wear time of 7 hours & in those 7 hours, it stayed put & didn’t smudge or run off 🙂

Price-Quantity: INR 349 for 3.5 grams 

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B+

Disclaimer: Product by Brand. Honest Review to the Best of my knowledge!

Richa Saxena

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