Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick Drop Dead Red – Uber Classy, Smudge-proof Red!

Sugar sprinkled more sugar into their ever smacking beautylicious range (Yes….all the puns were intended!) & introduced a new lip polish range which screams out loud SMUDGE ME NOT!

Sugar launched the Smudge Me Not lipstick in 12 shades & I like how they have a pretty diverse range with nudes n pinks n oranges n reds ~ There will be a shade for every mood & These retail for 500 bucks a pop which I’d say not budgeted but still a very good price tag especially for the quality that these liquid lipsticks offer 🙂

The packaging kind of reminds me of the Maybelline lip polishes but those were glosses & these are matte’s! Sugar’s Smudge me not liquid lipsticks have this beautiful creamy consistency that helps the product to apply easily & then these dry off within a minute leaving you with plush matte lips! It’s kind of like the NYX matte lip cream texture but much better in terms of how it settles down ~ These don’t emphasize the fine lines of the lips & will not parch your lips if you hydrate your lips well enough 🙂 I like how severely matte the look is but it’s not uncomfortable to wear! I can easily wear these for hours & they didn’t parch my lips & What about the Smudge Me Not Label!? Well, It is pretty smudge free I’d say…..These lipsticks stayed on me for around 6-7 hours & in those 7 hours, I have snacked, sipped & sometimes eaten a greasy meal too & all that time it did not fade or leave my lips 🙂 

The shade that I have been giving a whirl is called Drop Dead Red whoeze a beyoooutiful stunning red ~It’s kinds that’s deep but with a hint of cherry-ness to it so it has that depth but is also subtly bright 🙂 & that crossed with the beautiful plush matte formula is just jaw dropping 😉 🙂 I also love how pigmented Drop Dead Red is ~ This is one of those ranges that goes off opaque in a single to 2 coat! 

All in All, I am really liking these Smudge Me Not liquid lipsticks by Sugar ~ The formula is intensely matte but the texture is creamy nd I love how these really don’t smudge….They stay on n on for around 7 hours so for all that & the beautiful hues, I’d say these are  absolutely worth the whirl! 🙂 

Price-Quantity: 500 INR for 4.5 mL’s

Corals W/ Blues Rating: A —> Absolutely Recommended! 

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand. Honest review to the best of my knowledge

Richa Saxena


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