Oriflame’s Nature Secrets Wheat & Coconut Shampoo Conditioner: Budgeted Nd Yummy!

These days…..I won’t call my hair dry or damaged but they are feeling frizzy to the core! There is no denying that so when I came across this wheat & coconut duo on Oriflame’s catalogue I was like hmmm…..that sounds like a healthy potion for my distressed mane so I decided to give it a whirl…..To this date, I have tried Oriflame’s Wheat & Coconut Shampoo-conditioner a couple of times, once even on my colored hair (I know…So Not the right thing to do!) but this turned out to be one of those duo’s that is absolutely gentle nd nourishing for my hair 🙂 

 Oriflame’s Nature Secrets Wheat & Coconut Shampoo: 

Oriflame’s Nature Secrets Wheat Coconut Shampoo isn’t the kinds to strip off all the oil in an instant but is the kinds that will take off oil in 2-3 washes ~ That I’d say is shampooing many times but when something is meant for dry n damaged hair, you want a gentle cleanser & that’s what exactly this stuff is! It takes oriflame’s wheat & coconut shampoo a couple of washes to cleanse my hair but I like the fact that’s it not drying or too harsh on my frizzy mane 🙂 I also always couple it with a conditioner so that always helps!

Add to it, this is one of those shampoo’s that makes me go all mmmmmm…….because this this stuff smells all Pina Colada in a tube! It has that sweet coconutty fragrance that is just delicious 🙂

Oriflame’s Nature Secrets Wheat & Coconut Conditioner 

Coming to the conditioner, this one too has that yummy coconutty fragrance that makes me go all yummm & is housed in a similar squeeze tube like that of the shampoo ~ The packaging for both the shampoo & the conditioner is pretty convenient & sturdy too plus both of these are pretty budgeted…..Each retails @ 350 INR for 250 mL’s.

Coming to the quality, that’s pretty great too! Oriflame’s Nature Secrets Wheat & Coconut Conditioner is quite moisturizing n hydrating n it does all of that without being greasy. It conditions & hydrates my hair well without being greasy…To that I’d say Yayieeee 🙂

All In All, I’d say Oriflame’s Nature Secrets wheat & coconut shampoo + conditioner is one of those great budget buy for distressed tresses! The shampoo is gentle & the conditioner is hydrating enough without being greasy 🙂 So, I’d say yeah, if you are on a budget nd are looking for a gentle hydrating duo, this could be worth the whirl! 

Price-Quantity: 350 INR for 250 mL’s

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B + —> Worth the Whirl! 

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand. Honest review to the best of my knowledge

Richa Saxena

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