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So, I have talked about Oriflame’s Pure Skin Scrub/Face Wash earlier on & the need to upgrade my skincare routine because of the rising temp’s but along with the pure skin scrub, I have also been giving oriflame’s pure skin face wash a whirl too which is essentially the same thing but without the minute ultra micro micro-exfoliants.

Oriflame’s Pure Skin Face Wash is housed in a squeezy tube & has the same fresh beachy fragrance like the scrub does & is priced @ 499 bucks for 150 mL’s ~ That’s not exactly budgeted I’d say but I like the way pure skin face wash cleanses my skin. A dime size of Oriflame’s Pure Skin Face Wash works towards a good lather & that effectively & beautifully cleanses the skin ~ It gets rid of all the dirt build up & the excess oil in an instant & give my skin a super refreshed feel but there is one thing that just like the scrub, oriflame’s pure skin face wash is drying too & I guess that’s because of the salicyclic acid in it. 

I have a combination skin which turns a bit oily during the hot summer months & on me, this works very well….It gets rid of all the dirt & oil build up in an instant & that gives my skin a super refreshed feel but there is no denying the fact that this face wash is also drying ~ Now, it’s not the parching out my skin out of moisture kind of drying but it is drying nd I feel the need to supply some moisture back into my skin after I have used it so I would say it’s not the best pick for winters nor is it If you have a dry to normal skin. 

& Does it really help in controlling acne & reducing blackheads ~ Well, I had say it kinda does because what it does is it gets rid of all the issues that can cause acne & blackhead build up. It does not dry up any existing acne or zap up anything but it helps to effectively cleanse the skin which in turn reduces the possibility of acne issues & controls blackhead buildup.

Oriflame’s Pure Skin Face Wash is the kind to adopt if you have an oily/combination skin & are looking for a cleanser that’s effective, gets rid of all the impurities, dirt build up & excess oil ~ This does gets dehydrating because it’s infused with salicyclic acid so it’s not the best bet for winters or if you have a dry to normal skin. 

Price-Quantity:  INR 499 for 150 mL

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B+

Disclaimer: Product by Brand. Honest Review to the Best of my knowledge!


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