The Body Shop’s Moringa Body Butter & its Floral Fragrance is so Divine!

Hi Ya Girls,

I want to tell you something…………..

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I need to tell you that…………………………..

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The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter Review

So Good……………..

So So Good…………..

Just So Good that………

Body Shop Body Butters

TBS Body Butter

If not, you should try one scoop of this amazing aromatic tub 🙂 I kid not gurl, its really amazing & oh so very aromatic!

Among all the Body Butters I have tried (which is 5 of them from The Body Shop), this is the only one I have repurchased time over time….And there are so many reasons for it! 🙂

Lets unveil them one by one….Shall we 🙂

Moringa Body Butter The Body Shop

The Body Shop Body Butter

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter Review

First things First Lets see how it scores in the moisturization department? I have a dry body skin & few scoops of Moringa Body Butter instantly moisturizes me! It relives me of the dryness and keeps my skin moisturized & soft all day long.

The Body Butter has a creamy texture but is absolutely non-greasy & is instantly absorbed by the skin! 🙂 Moringa Body Butter is meant for the dry Body Skin & it really hydrates dry areas of the body. In comparison to the Cocoa Body Butter & a few more that I have used, this is one of the few non greasy ones out there.

The Body Shop Body Butter Review

Next Up is its Floral Fragrance! Its got a sweet aromatic floral scent….Now Its not Sickly Sweet at all but if you absolutely detest floral fragrances, you should skip this tub. For all those who don’t mind & actually prefer floral fragrances, this white Tub is surely a treat! It has a beautiful Moringa Fragrance that can make you go Mmmmmm….

Like all TBS’s Body Butters, Moringa Body Butter too is packaged in a tub with a screwcap lid. The Tub is all white correlating & Signifying Moringa as its main ingredient. The Tub packs a volume of 200 mL & since the cream is so rich, it does last for a good amount of time, say 3-4 months even if used frequently.

I have to say since the Winters have seeped in, TBS’s Moringa Body Butter has not left my side. It has been my knight in shining armor 🙂

TBS Moringa Body Butter

And Few More Reasons to love TBS’ Moringa Body Butter: Its packed with the goodness of so many natural ingredients & oils like Wheatgerm, Moringa, Grape Seed, Cocoa Seed & so many other nice nice things. And without the badness of Parabens!! Though there are few Creepy ingredients, overall I feel good about this aromatic Tub! 🙂

Plus TBS says No to Animal Testing! So Everyone is Happy Happy, even those little bunnies give it a go! 😀

Moringa Body Butter

The Body Shop Body Butter Ingredients

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter

 The Sweet Aspects

  • Luscious Creamy formula
  • Non-Greasy Texture
  • Instantly Moisturizes the skin
  • Keeps the Skin Hydrated all day long
  • Divine Floral Fragrance
  • TBS says No to Animal Testing
  • Paraben Free

The Not so Sweet Aspects

  • If you don’t like Floral Fragrances, this tub may not be for you
  • It is a bit too expensive
TBS Body Butters


TBS Moringa Body Butter Review


Moringa Body Butter Review
 The Snapshot:  TBS’s Moringa Body Butter hydrates dry skin without making it greasy & keeps the skin soft all day long. The Aromatic floral fragrance is divine plus the tub is packed with a bunch of goody goody ingredients!  I am not sure how this will fare for Oily Skin types but it does relieve my dry skin.

Corals W/ Blues Rating: A

Price: INR 995 for 200 mL

Its the last Friday of 2013…

Its something I realized just now before hitting Publish!

Dance away to Last Friday Nite of 2013 🙂

The countdown to New years begins! Yayieeeeee


Happy Friday Evening Gurls….

Richa Saxena


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