Miss Claire Born to Glow Illuminators/Highlighters: Review Nd Swatches

So very recently I talked all about Miss Claire’s Born to Glow Illuminator Bases which are basically liquid highlighters on my youtube channel & thought I had share the video link with some more pix here 🙂 I have had these highlighters in my vanity for a while & I love the way these gleeeeaaammmm so without any further ado, here’z the video review to….

Miss Claire Born to Glow Illuminator Makeup Bases!

Miss Claire’s Born to Glow Illuminator makeup bases are housed in these squeezy tubes & there are 6 shades to choose from that range all the way from a frosty pink for a cool toned gal to a beachy bronze for a dusky lassy ~ Each of Miss Claire’s highlighter retail for around 250 bucks a pop & you get 30 mL’s of highlighter.

As a liquid liquid highlighter, these really gleam to glow but the shimmer is not the finest of all ~ In the sense, it’s not chunky but it’s not the kinds that can be mixed in with the foundation & applied all across b’coz chances are that the shimmer will peek through & it can all turn out to be tacky instead of glowy. So the way I like to work with Miss Claire’s Born to Glow Illuminators is to apply them onto the high points & then dab it in using a damp beauty sponge (Demo is in the video) & I think that really gets the highlighting action on 🙂

Wearing Miss Claire’s Highlighter in Sunbeam & now, let’s dive into each of these….

Miss Claire Sunbeam Highlighter

This was the first born to glow I purchased & then I set to buy 2 more. Miss Claire’s Born to Glow Illuminator Base in Sunbeam is a very pretty frosty pink kinda shade that is best suited for cool toned gals or fairer skin-tones. 

Miss Claire Gleam Highlighter

The next one here is called Gleam & this is probably one of my favorite one’s of the lot ~ Gleam is an absolutely beautiful rose gold highlighter that is smashin on so many skin-tones & finally here comes….

Miss Claire Shiny Beige Highlighter

Miss Claire’s Shiny Beige is a cool-toned bronze highlighter ~ It is beige in tone but has silver shimmering specs into it which makes it an amazing highlighter for cool toned skin-tones 🙂 

So that is all to it! I hope you enjoyed the pix & the review ~ I think Miss Claire’s Born to Glow highlighter’s are like one of those budgeted highlighters that need a little bit of work in the blending zone but other than that, these are pretty pigmented & they really get that highlighting game on so do give them a whirl if you are looking for some budgeted highlighters 🙂 

Price-Quantity:  250 INR for 30 mL’s

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B+

Richa Saxena

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