Medimix Ayurvedic Intimate Hygeine Wash Review

Most of us might cringe at the idea of even discussing an intimate hygiene wash but when it comes to intimate areas, regular body washes may not be gentle for the tender area….They can be dehydrating & don’t particularly protect you from various infections. Now, I am not new to the idea of Intimate hygiene washes but there are very few in the Indian market that control their ingredient listing like this one….

Medimix Ayurvedic Intimate Hygeine Wash

Medimix Ayurveda Intimate hygiene wash Review

Medimix’s intimate hygiene wash is housed in a squeeze tube & price tagged at 150 INR for 100 mL’s ~ That’s pretty budgeted I’d say & the way to use this is ~ Take a dime size onto the palm, apply it on the intimate area, lather it & then rinse it off…That simple! Post wash, Medimix’s intimate hygiene wash comforts the intimate area by lubricating it with the natural oils thereby keeping you comfortable down there! In addition to all that, it aims to reduce irritation, infection & itching by maintaining the pH balance.

Medimix Ayurveda Intimate hygiene wash

Many intimate hygiene washes may promise to do the same but this one does it while being all organic & chemical free. Medimix’s intimate hygiene wash is soap, paraben, SLS & alcohol free. It is also enriched with Neem extract, Bisabolol, Thyme oil & many other herbal ingredients. In addition to all that, it contains lactic acid that encourages natural vaginal acidity ~ This is required to keep infections at bay! 

Medimix’s intimate hygiene wash has a gel like texture & I love the way it smells so herbal & fresh! Even though this is SLS free, it lathers up just enough to cleanse the area without making the vaginal region dry or dehydrated. I am guessing the Aloe in it provides the soothing &  I like the way this is infused with neem + orange oil because they are known for being anti-bacterial. 

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Price-Quantity: INR 150 for 100 mL ~ You can get it here at Snapdeal

All in all, Medimix’s Intimate hygiene wash is one of those absolutely organic washes that is especially created to cater to intimate areas ~ It prevents dehydration, maintains the pH balance, tries to keep the vaginal area free from infections & it does all that by being all organic & chemical-free! So for all that, it’s Absolutely Recommended!

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B+ 

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration. Honest review to the best of my knowledge.

Richa Saxena


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