Get Pretty in Pink with LA Girl’s Glam Beauty Brick Palette!

There’z no beating a pretty pink palette…..That’s the thing about Pink 🙂 There are like 4 combinations of LA Girl’s Blush Brick Collections & all of them are super duper pretty but this combo made me go Oh My Gosh, I have to give it a whirl……So here we are with Glam 🙂 

Glam just like the other Beauty Brick’s has 4 Pans ~ 2 Blushes, 1 bronzer & 1 Highlighter ~ Now I found mine @ one of the beauty store in Auckland but each of these retails for 850 bucks here in India or if you’re buying these in the States, it’s gonna be 9 US Dollars which I’d say is a one of those budgeted price tags b’coz you get the entire palette to blush, highlight & bronze with! 🙂

Starting from Left to Right in LA Girl’s Glam Beauty Brick Palette are 2 pretty shades of pink ~ The first one is a bright fuchsia that is gonna be so gorgeous on soooo many skin-tones, A mellow pink blush that’s pretty but needs layering on my dusky skin-tone. Next comes the bronzer that I would say is purrrrfect for medium to dusky skin-tones & then there is that beautiful champagne highlighter that gleams to glow ~ I loved how pigmented & super fine the highlighter in this palette is! 🙂

Talking about the quality, I loved the way these shades blended with each other & there was very little kickback with the powders all-most like none. I have tried it a couple of times & most of the times, the look stayed on pretty well over a decent base ~ Allmost all day long!! The only thing I felt was this palette was not crazy dizzy pigmented……like it’s pigmented in a way that it can be layered on but it’s not BAM, Packed with Pigment kinds…All in All, I loved giving LA Girl’s Beauty Brick Blush Palette a whirl ~ It’s not supremely pigmented but pigmented & can be easily layered on, stays on well & the colors are so pretty 🙂 

Wearing LA Girls’s Beauty Brick Palette in Glam here ~ Mellow Pink on Apples of My Cheeks, Fuchsia Pink onto the ends as a contour blush, Bronzer on the Nose bridges, temples, jawline & below the cheekbones along with highlighter on the nose & cheekbones. 

Price – Quantity: INR 849 / 9 US $ for 22 grams 

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B+ 

Richa Saxena


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