LA Colors Double Volume Mascara Review Nd Pix

So When a Mascara says Double Volume, I am all over it……..Because I expect fun, wispy, volume speaking lashes…..& that gurl, is one of my favorite things of the Makeup World!!! 

LA Colors Double Volume Mascara was one of my Auckland picks & I was super xcited to give it a whirl & that is…only the time I gave it a whirl! Because this gurl gave me no volume, forget double……..It’s the kind of mascara that simply separates the lashes & uplifts them but if you go into it looking for volume & a bit of lengthening, Well then….this doesn’t cuts it! Check it out yourself……

I have applied a few coats here…say 3 to 4 & It kind of only uplifted my lashes & gave them a Very Natural-No Mascara lashes look & there are days that I had dig that kind of look but not when I am looking for double volume or let’s just say volume so after giving it a whirl, I do think that LA Colors Double Volume Mascara is best only if you are going for a very Au Naturale look otherwise I think it’s the kinds that can be easily skipped! 

I love the Canary Yellow packaging & the fact that LA Colors Double Volume Mascara is so budgeted at 5 Dollars a pop but other than that I didn’t really like what it did to my lashes so I’d say give it a skip & get yourself something else from LA Colors because there is tons of other gorgeous stuff! 🙂 

Price-Quantity:  5$ for 7 mL’s

Corals W/ Blues Rating: C —> Give it a Skip! 

Richa Saxena


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