Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Concealer – D30 Review & Swatches

So recently, I talked all about Kryolan’s  Derma Color Camouflage Concealer on my Youtube Channel ~ I  reviewed 2 kinds from this range, One is the kind that is more of  a regular kind of concealer to hide pigmentation & the other one here is a color corrector.…….

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 Kryolan’s Derma Color Camouflage Creme Concealers are housed in tiny little jars & are priced at 350 INR for 4 grams. There are many many shades in this range so getting your shade right in this range is not gonna be a problem~ I like that about Kryolan! They cater to a huge variety of skin-tones & the one that I am talking about here is called D30 which is a salmony orange color corrector to cancel dark circle under the eyes for medium to dusky kind of skin-tones.

I like how the texture is creamy but the formula dries down to a powdery matte finish ~ It’s the kinds to just melt into the skin which is why you gotta dot it & then blend it off…….That’s the best way it works for me because If I were to drag it, this would simply melt into the skin which in a way is a good thing but then it doesn’t color corrects where I want it to. So I think simply dotting it  & then blending it off with a damp beauty sponge is the best way to go with Kryolan’s Dermacolor Camouflage Creme’s.

While D5 of Kryolan’s Derma Color concealer was enough in a layer, I always felt that D30 needed layering on. Atleast 2 layers to cancel the dark circles out but that doesn’t bothers me because for someone who has a lighter skin-tone, might get away with just a layer & When it comes to the staying power, I think that’s fabulous too because it really doesn’t interferes with the rest of my makeup neither does it cakes up so All in All, I am in love with these Kryolan concealers because even though you need some strategy in how to apply it, I think it’s absolutely worth it! ?

Price: INR 350 for 4 grams

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B+

Richa Saxena


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