Khadi Herbals Honey N Almond Oil Shampoo with An Interesting Fact!

Interesting Fact: The First Member to explore Khadi Herbals from My family was my Grandmum (Nani) Yes! Shez quite the Herbal enthusiast of the family…From Home Made Recipes to Herbal Care, She knows it all! 🙂 So there was no surprise when the beautiful Khadi Herbal Hand-Made Soaps made their way to her vanity….Those beauties crafted in Glycerin were quite indulging…From then the fondness for Khadi Herbals grew in the family…

Now Lets see if Khadi Herbals Honey & Almond Oil Shampoo continues to grow that fondness 😉

Khadi Herbals Honey & Almond Oil Shampoo!

Khadi Herbal Shampoo Review

Khadi Herbal Shampoo

Khadi Herbal Shampoo Honey and Almond Oil

Mine Came with a Misprint.. 🙁 It says Lemon Oil instead of Almond Oil but that’s okay…Lets get to the review! 

Khadi Herbals Honey & Almond Oil Shampoo Review

The Shampoo is housed in a Squeezy Plastic Bottle that is accompanied with a flip cap. The packaging is very simply & un-fancy. Honestly speaking the packaging does not speaks volumes about the product & neither would it attract a lot of people but @ 120 bucks, I guess one shouldn’t be expecting much either 🙄

Moving on….The Shampoo is a Deep Wine in Hue & has a sharp fragrance….I can’t quite explain the fragrance but it is sharp like Ginger Extracts. Certainly not overwhelming but if you prefer your fragrances to be fruity, citrusy or elegantly mild, this might not be your cup of tea 😉

Khadi Herbals Honey and Almond Oil Shampoo

Khadi Herbals Honey and Almond Oil Shampoo (2)

The shampoo is enriched with herbal ingredients like Honey, Almond Oil, Henna & Shikakai. For those looking for Herbal Products, Khadi Herbals is indeed an indulging brand but my only qualm is that the ingredient listing seems to be incomplete. 🙁

Khadi Herbal Shampoo Honey and Almond Oil Review

The shampoo’s consistency is slightly runny. The shampoo lathers quite well & cleanses the hair beautifully 🙂 2-3 Squeezes of the shampoo thoroughly cleanses the hair even after an overnight oiling session. Post Shampooing, I wouldn’t say my hair turn soft or extremely manageable but they feel quite in place.

Even without conditioner, My hair are not ripped out of moisture & they don’t feel frizzy or dry! Combined with a conditioner, the results are soft & Moisturized hair 🙂

Khadi Herbals Shampoo (2)

Khaadi Herbals Shampoo Honey and Almond Oil

Price-Quantity: INR 115 for 210 mL

Khadi Herbals Shampoo


Khadi Herbals Shampoo Review

Khadi Herbals Shampoo Review (2)

 The Sweet Aspects

  • Enriched with Herbal Ingredients
  • Benefits of Almond Oil & Honey + a few more Herbal ingredients
  • Mild Shampoo
  • Cleanses the hair well
  • Does not cause Frizzy Hair 
  • Combined with a moisturizer, hair are soft & manageable 

The Not so Sweet Aspects

  • Incomplete Ingredient Listing
  • The consistency is slightly runny

Overall a lovely shampoo that cleanses the hair beautifully & does not cause dryness or frizzyness to the hair. It does not have any miraculous results like extremely soft hair or hair fall control properties but if you’re looking for a gentle cleansing shampoo, Khadi Herbals Honey & Almond Oil Shampoo is right up that alley! Recommended

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B

Richa Saxena


    • Then you’re probably gonna love it…Do lemme know how it works out for you Babe…. 🙂

  1. Such beautiful pics Richa :)I alternate my normal shampoo with a cleansing shampoo.. Will try dis next..

    • I have tried only a few things nd i quite seem to like their products…have never come across their oils..will definitely check them out 🙂

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