December 2017 – Blend The Beauty Fabbag Review!

So It’s all-most time to wrap up 2017 & the closing Edition of December 2017 Fabbag say Blend The Beauty! Yes, It’s again time to review Fabbag & again, it’s an absolute adore! 🙂 The closing edition of 2017 Blend the Beauty Fabbag is Super X’massy & Glittery ~ The products are wrapped in a beautiful red pouch & is a sweet mix of Skincare + Makeup 🙂 

The 1st 2 Products I received in this month’s Fabbag include Aroma Magic’s Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream which is drugstore & the next one is Allana’s Coconut & Saffron Scrub that is more premium & priced at a whooping 340 bucks for 20 grams….That is pretty premium but I am excited to try both of them! 🙂 

The next one in the Fabbag was a full size of Foot Soak by Bliscent ~ This one is a pepper-mint foot soak & is priced @ 200 bucks. 

Onto the Makeup Category ~ Here’z Bella Vaste’s Nail Polish which is like a really pretty Nude & this is a full sized product that is priced @ 250 bucks 🙂 

& finally they have included an Eyeshadow Quad via Sugar Cosmetics ~ This one was selected by me via their E-mail catalog & is called Irreplaceable & is a gorgeous mix of Gold’s & Copper’s! 

So All In All, it was again a Fab Fabbag! I am lovin the products & brands that have been included in this month’s Fabbag & it was an amazing way to wrap up 2017! Whaddya think Did You like yours? Do Lemme know about it all in the comments section 🙂 

Richa Saxena

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