Colorbar Time Plus Pro Foundation gets better with Time

Its True….Bcoz for the very first time I applied Mr. Time Plus Pro, I was like:ย What the Hell?? Did the SA screw up the shade again? Why does it look so white?? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

After 5 minutes or so: I murmured…It seems to be better now…But why still so white…I could so pass for a B Grade Ghost ๐Ÿ˜•

And after a good amount of Fifteen Minutes:ย I took a look back in the mirror and thought to myself – So much better now, That Whiteness seems to have disappeared & I guess I am liking that Semi Matte Finish! ๐Ÿ™‚

Colorbar Time Plus Pro Foundation

Colorbar Time Plus Pro Foundation

Bcoz Gurl….That is the amount of time it takes to seep in & make you look your normal self….15 minutes – That much time!

And then when you look all pretty to get clicked & photographed & when the Flash Fires, there’s the B grade Ghost in your Pictures again. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ …And then you’re left confused like the ending of Ring – As to what really happened – I swear I have watched that movie like so many time & I still have so many questions…But lets Keep those doubts aside & get into the indepth analysis of the Product in question….Shall we Gurl ๐Ÿ˜‰

Colorbar Time Plus Pro Foundation

Left: Without Colorbar Time Plus Pro Foundation
Right: With Colorbar Time Plus Pro Foundation – See how the Flash Fires

Colorbar Time Plus Pro Foundation Review

The Product Claims the Formula is:

  • Long Lasting
  • Oil Free
  • SPF -15
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non comedogenic

Colorbar Time Plus Pro Foundations

Packaging: Colorbar Time Plus Pro Foundation comes in a Beige Squeezy tube that is fitted with a Silver Screwcap. The Packaging is nothing fancy butย ย The Squeeze Tube is very convenient & it easily delivers the required amount of product for application. The only downfall of the packaging is that the tube leaks when left freely in your handbag and that can create quite a messy situation in your traveling bag.

Colorbar Foundation Review

Finish:ย After the foundation settles in, It delivers a Semi Matte Finish to the skin. It does not turn oily even after long continuous hours of wear. We are talking 7 hours on an average. The foundation does helps to control the Oily T-zones. But the Problem can be with the Whitish Cast it creates which could be due to SPF 15. The Whitish Cast seeps in allmost after 15 mins to give aย Natural Semi-Matte Finish to the skin. But It is definitely NOT photo friendly because the added SPF fires back under the influence of Flash Photography making me look all very ghostly in the pics.

Formula & Application:ย Though it takes time to seep into the skin & a while to look natural, it does blend well & spreads easily.The formula is not thick or gloopy neither thin or runny. The formula does not dehydrate my skin neither does it gets oilyย post application hours.ย 
Colorbar Foundation

Coverage & Staying Power:ย Colorbar’s Time Pus Pro deliversย Medium Coverage. For anyone with a light to medium coverage needs, this will work well but If you’re someone looking for help with deep acne marks/blemishes, then this one is definitely for you. The foundation has an amazing Staying Span of 8 + hours.

Bonus Additions:ย It comes with 2 bonuses -Vitamin E which is great for reduction of skin damage & ย SPF 15 to prevent from sun’s harmful rays.

Indian Foundations

Price:ย INR 550 for 30 mL

The Sweet Aspects

  • Gives a Matte Finish
  • Looks Natural 15 to 20 minutes after settling in
  • Controls Oil in the T-zones
  • Has a SPF of 15
  • Vitamin E
  • Easy to Blend
  • Offers Medium Coverage
  • Staying Power of 8 + Hours

The Not so Sweet Aspects

  • Takes Time to Set & Seep in (Approximately 15 Minutes)
  • Photograph-UNfriendly
  • Comes only in 3 shades
  • Squeezy Tube leaks ย – Not travel friendlyย 

COlorbar Time Plus Pro Foundation

Colorbar Foundations

Colorbars Time Plus Pro Foundation is a decent budget buy, It kind of serves the purpose but it definitely does not climb up the ladder to my Holygrail needs. It will be best suited for someone who is looking something for a daily wear foundation that is not too heavy on coverage but has an all day Staying Power. It offers a Semi Matte Finish & can suit all skin types – especially from normal to combination-oily. The downfalls really are that it takes 15 to 20 minutes to settle in & is definitely not photograph friendly.

Corals W/ Blues Rating:ย B

Richa Saxena


  1. I hv compact powder from this range its gud n compatible with almost all foundi. Though I will miss on dis foundi..

    • I havnt tried the compact yet but that’s great it works well so many foundations! ๐Ÿ™‚
      I guess the main probhelem with this one is that the whitish cast does not leave…

    • Thank you tons Arzoo!
      I am so glad you liked it…Yea It gives a nice natural finish once its all seeped in…though its really bad under photographs..

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