Clinique Even Better Makeup/Foundation (Evens & Corrects) SPF 15 PA ++ Review

So exactly a year back in February 2016, I hopped onto the Clinique Store in Mumbai to purchase a Clinique Foundation but It wasn’t Even Better that I was looking for…..I was looking for that one foundation, I had tested earlier on & it gave me a flawless finish that I was in love with….I wonder why I didn’t buy it back then b’coz that foundation struck a cord with me like the way donuts strike one with sugar n cinnamon 🙂 I was certain I wanted to add it to my trousseau but unfortunately I could not explain it to the SA’s & even they could not figure out the one that I was talking about so after a lot of trials, I settled on Clinique’s Even Better Foundation 🙂 & That’s how this stuff landed up on my beauty shelf & since then, I have liked it on a lot of occasions & not so much on rest of the days…..So here’z me telling you every bit on…..

Clinique Even Better Foundation Review

Price & Packaging: Clinique’s Even Better Base Makeup is packaged in an opaque, beige squeezy tube that is very convenient to use ~ All you gotta do is squeeze the product & there you have it. Coming to the price tag, Even Better is priced @ 2900 bucks in India & in the States for 28 dollars so it’s definitely cheaper out there but still pricey enough.

Shade Selection: Coming to the Shade selection, generally high end brands tend to stock many shades & so is the case here too! Clinique’s Even Better Foundation offers 30 shades which is quite a variety & they are also segregated according to your skin undertone. So whether you are very light with a warm undertone or medium/deep with a cool undertone, chances are you will find your match. For reference my shade in Clinique Even Better is 06 Honey & MAC Studio Fix varies between NC 40 to NC 42.
Formula, Consistency & How to Blend: This is the kind of foundation that has that perfect consistency ~ It’s not thin or runny kinds & neither is it very thick. The formula spreads so evenly & is super easy to blend ~ Whether you apply Clinique’s Even Better with a beauty sponge, a sigma kabuki brush or your fingers, this base makeup works towards being your second skin ~ It’s not flawless exactly but it works towards being your natural self & I love it blends so super easily. Add to it, Clinique’s Even better foundation is extremely light-weight & feel so comfortable on the skin 🙂
Coverage & Staying Power: Now here’z somewhere I kind of dilly dally with this foundation. For a high end foundation, I felt that the coverage was very okayish & medium because I always felt like it needed to be layered upon & even then I would need a concealer for acne scars so if you are looking for a foundation that is gonna give you a flawless look, then Clinique’s Even better isn’t for you but other-wise it gives a beautiful natural medium coverage which is purrfect for daily wear & How long does it Stay on? Well, Clinique’s Even Better foundation stays strong for 8 to 10 hours on me before it tends to wears off, so it’s not the kinds that’s heavy duty for an occasion or an event but like I said, great for daily wear 🙂
Finish & Skin Types Best Suited for: Clinique’s Even Better foundation is the kinds that gives that beautiful dewy glow which I really really like & I’d say it’s best suited for Dry, Normal & Combination skin. If you have an oily skin, chances are this might get too oily since it’s not mattifying at all so if you have an oily skin, it’s best to test it out before you invest in it 🙂

So to put it in a nut shell, I think Clinique’s Even Better foundation is best as a daily wear foundation because it gives that beautiful natural glow & can stay on for 810 hours easily. I like how it’s so light on the skin & the formula spreads so evenly plus it’s comfortable too wear & infused with SPF 15 which makes it perfect for daily wear but as much as I like Clinique’s Even Better Foundation for daily wear, this is not the one that I’d pick up for an event based look or when I am looking for something that’s heavy duty ~ Those are the days I lean towards my MAC Studio Fix Foundation & Kryolan TV Paint Stick 🙂 & that my Munchkins is a wrap to this review!

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