CAL Muah Rose Lip Gloss: Review & Swatches

So, I had a hard time understanding who & what CAL was…I like to know my Makeup inside n out because that is just my thing so I googled n googled nd realized CAL = California Los Angeles but this is no Cali brand, this is actually an Indian brand….& all of that reminded me of Colorbar because that’s one brand that is like a confused Desi with their USA Label. Buttt there is no denying that the moment CAL’s Muah Lip Gloss popped out of my Fabbag, I went Ooohhhh @ the pretty gold packaging because Oh My Gosh, How gorgeous & luxe is that look! This is the kind of brand that feels all very luxe without breaking the bank 🙂

The shade that I received in my Fabbag is called Rose! There are around 7-8 more shades in this range & CAL’s Muah LipGloss in Rose is a really pretty rosy pink gloss with iridescent golden shimmer ~ It looks a little bit more rosy in the tube than it does on my lips but I guess it will tune in as more rosy or true to color on fairer to medium babes. On my dusky skin-tone…It’s kinda neutral but it also has that hint of rosy-ness to it which makes it a great everyday wear gloss. I really like topping CAL’s Rose onto a Neutral lipstick to really amplify that neutral glossy lip look 🙂

Coming to the quality, I really like how nice the formula feels on the lips ~ It’s sort of buttery but not greasy…..Yknow what I mean….It’s the kinds that feels good buttery & it’s kinda moisturizing too 🙂 Also, the formula applies very well on the lips ~  It’s not runny & neither is it gloopy kinds. It simply transfers well & stays on for 2-3 hours….That’s really not long but in case of glosses, I think that’s most that you can expect! Anything beyond 3 hours is just uhhmazing & then these go opaque in a coat to 2. To that I’d say Awesome pigmentation 🙂

Each tube of Cal’s Muah Gloss retails for 350 bucks & that I’d say is a pretty good budget tag especially considering the quality. I am not really sure if these are available in any stores, but I have spotted them on Amazon & Fabbag. You can buy from CAL’s website too but personally speaking, I did not like the structure/look of the website. All in All, I had these are pretty awesome budget glosses that do a fab job so I’d totally recommend these 🙂 

Price-Quantity:  INR 450 for 10 mL

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B+ —> Worth the Whirl! 

Richa Saxena


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