Bobbi Brown’s Cabo Coral Lipstick!

I dunno if you will still find Cabo Coral in the stores now but if you do, I’d say give it a plunge gurl because this is one of those lipsticks that’s gonna light you up & give you that pretty vibe anyday n everyday! I remember Bobbi Brown’s Cabo Coral came in a creamy rogue form too that doubled up as a lipstick but now, I think all of that is discontinued & replaced by more coral pinks Nd I dunno y bcoz Bobbi Brown’s Cabo Coral lipstick is a really pretty earthy coral lipstick that has a very dusty beachy vibe to it ~ It’s the kinds that’s gonna be smashing on many warm skin-tones making it a universal flattering shade for warm skin-undertone gals 🙂

Since these are creme lip colors, these glided on pretty easily & I like how Bobbi Brown’s Cabo Coral has a very creamy texture but it’s not too high on creamyness. In the sense, it has that pearly sheen to it & it’s pretty pigmented too ~ At-most I needed 2 swipes to get to full opacity but I wasn’t too fascinated with the staying power ~ Cabo Coral stayed put for 3-4 hours & then it started to fade off. The staying power is actually fine for a creme finish lipstick but it does cost 2295 bucks a pop so for that price tag, I felt the staying power was kinda low!

Price-Quantity: INR 2295 for 3.4 grams 

Corals W/ Blues Rating: B+

Richa Saxena

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