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Welcome to Corals With Blues! My name is Richa. & I like to keep this space bubbling with Beauty, Fashion N Style but sometimes you will find me diving into food too! 🙂 & If all this rambling on beauty wasn’t enough, I decided to make videos on beauty beings n fashion @ 

Now I am guessing you are wondering how did the beauty bug bite me? Well, I was not always a beauty addict ~ On Some days a Neutral Gloss, Kohl & Foundation gal would suffice but the beauty bug really bit me & it bit me hard on one cold chilly afternoon of Milwaukee when I was randomly strolling through the Walgreen’s Pharmacy,sipping over my Bull Frog (Mint Mocha). My eyes hit the pretty cosmetics section of Walgreens. I picked few & then few more & from then onwards, it has been an ever growing obsession. The little science geek in me only wanted to test & trial more of it which I did. Few years later Corals With Blues was formed to share my experience, addiction & passion with you all. Apart from all that, I love photographing products…have taken on a few projects too & indulging in Asian cuisines is my next favorite thing! 🙂  

  • I love Coral Blushes, Corals lips, Blue Nail Polishes, Blue Eyeliners – Everything that is Coral & Blue and thus the blog name.
  • Now, I live in the crazy busy city of Mumbai – Totally love this city – The Skylights, Pushing women in the train, Sealines, everything!!
  • My style statement: Bright Lips & Accessories….Love them all! Big Chunky rings with dangling earrings most of the times & Statement Necklaces occasionally!
  • I love Quirky Fashion & Anything Leopard like (explains my cat obsession :))
  • I am averse to the much loved appalling distressing concept of skin lightening products in India. For the very same reason, there will be no review on skin lightening products here.
  • I say Yes to Vegan Leather!
  • These are some of the amazing brands that we have collaborated with over the years….

For any queries, please contact me at

Richa Saxena


  1. So pleased to find U Richa, I am myself a big time animal lover and have petted a stray cat for years!! Love cofee and like U the makeup bug bit me too!!
    Happy blogging… hope we share are journey together!!
    All the best!! U have a wonderful place here!!

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