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If the Faces Canada Glam On Captivate Quad packed a bit more of pigment, it would be captivating enough!

12 Feb

There, I have let all of it out in the title itself! So let’s dive into….. Faces Canada Glam On Captivate Quad I like my eye-shadows to be rich nd pigmented ~ more the color….the better it is! That’s the fact. Unfortunately, Faces Glam On Captivate Quad does not comes under that category. Now, I […]

Exciting News in Fashion: MAX Design Awards 2015-16 Student Edition

12 Feb

MAX the country’s largest International fashion brand launched the second edition of MAX Design Awards this year. This program is a definitive fashion designing competition where students get to unleash their creativity and reach out to the world of fashion with their designs. At the MAX Design Awards 2015-16, our ambition is to recognize and […]

Tips & Toes Glow Lights Gel Nail Polish: Pretty Pink Confetti in a Blackcurrant soup

11 Feb

Tips and Toes Glow Lights Nail Polish Review

I haven’t really been doing a lot of nail polish swatches on the blog ~ Just the reason being that I haven’t been indulging in too many polishes lately but that kinda changed a few weeks back when I spotted Tips & Toes at the local beauty center…….It’s not the first time I have really spotted […]

NYX Tango Bronzing Powder, When Leopard gets a Tan ~ Is it a Bronzer or a Blush or a Bronzer?

10 Feb

NYX When Leapord Gets a Tan Bronzing Powder Review & Swatch

Okay…Seriously, Who knows what happens When Leopard gets a Tan? but there is one thing…I am a sucker for animal prints! Which is the only reason i picked up this gorgeous bronzer…… NYX Tango Bronzing Powder ~ When Leopard gets a Tan NYX Tango Bronzing Powder in When Leopard gets a Tan definitely has that […]

Watch Out Dry Spots, Here comes Oriflame’s The One Illuskin Face Primer!

7 Feb

Oriflame Review on The One Illuskin Primer Review

The way I look at primers: It’s that stuff that’s not exciting but makes the whole process so darn better! Like I will not be super excited to pick up a primer tube & apply it but I know it is important….. Lately, I have been testing Oriflame’s The One Illuskin Face Primer & after […]

From the West Side Aisles: Studio West Dramatic Eye Liner

6 Feb

Studio West Dramatic Liner Review Swatch

Did ya know? Did ya know……. That West Side totally re-vamped their beauty & fashion aisles? You probably do but if you don’t & are ignoring the west side stores thinking Nope…Thank you! ……I recommend you give it a bit of peek because It’s no longer the boringh stuff that makes you yawn or wonder why […]

A Winter #OOTD Story with Locotrends Faux Fur Snood Scarf!

4 Feb

Winter Outfits Fashion Blogger India

We are in the last shred of Winters…..& though the people of the North are like What Winters, Mumbai? ……I have to say this is my favorite season of the year! A slight nip in the air just makes me crave for Hot Chocolate with Orange pound cake slices…I know weird combo but yummylicious indeed!  …….The only […]

Faces Canada Glam On Gold Dust Blush knows how to be glamorous while keeping it mellow

4 Feb

Faces Gold Dust Blush Review Swatch

Yknow a blush is good when literally everyone stops & squints & asks you…What is that on your cheeks? At first, I’d be terrified wondering if it were cupcake crumbles they were talking about but then in 10 seconds…I get it! & would be like….ohhhh….It’s the new stuff from Faces Glam On line….. Faces Canada […]

Colaba Causeway Haul (Video)

2 Feb

Fashion Blogger Mumbai India

Hey U Guys…..Hope you are having an awesome Tuesday!  Today, I have a Colaba Causeway Haul for you…I haven’t done a Colaba Causeway Haul in agessss…Just because I haven’t really visited the street that much. This time, which was like a few weeks back I found some pretty awesome stuff, so let’s get to it….. […]

Enroll with Max Design Awards 2016 & Stand a Chance to be a Fashion Designer this season!

30 Jan

Now, If you ever wanted to step into Fashion & make it big, Max Fashion is here to give you that chance because coming up is Max Design Awards 2015-16 Student Edition for the budding enthusiastic designers. It basically like Project Runway where the aim of the designing programme is to acknowledge & reward the […]