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The Body Shop Life is Gold Perfume: The Scent of Citrus, Florals & Warmth!

4 Sep

TBS has an imagination that I adore……Absolutely! Because if the job to christen this perfume would have been left to me, I would probably call it something boring like Life is Meadows or Life is Bliss because that’s what I can comprehend……But Life is Gold? has a ring to it & fits right into the citrusy, floral […]

Maybelline Fuchsia Flare Colorshow Lipstick shows every bit of Fuchsia as it flares!

4 Sep

Nothing better than starting a Friyay with some Fuchsia!! Whaddya say Babe? Ready to get some Fuchsia Flare 😉 …… Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick Fuchsia Flare  This is my 4th Maybelline colorshow lipstick & I am still lovin these to the core These are like the budgeted folks by Maybelline that are supah fun to explore! […]

Essence Blush Up Heat Wave: One Good Lookin Ombre!

3 Sep

Essence Blush Up Heat Wave Review Swatch (2)

I can’t say that this is the prettiest blush out there….I mean Heloww to Limited Edition Lancome’s & MAC’s, you have had me gazing upon you a million time but this is one of those blushes that got me totally excited! I had my eyes sparkling like I was Jerry who spotted some good lookin cheese […]

For feet who do all the shopping, they need The Body Shop Pepper Mint Foot Scrub!

3 Sep

TBS Peppermint foot scrub review

I haven’t tried a ton of foot scrubs but I tell ya babe, this one by TBS has clearly set the standards in my beauty diaries HIGHH!!! So High that I am gonna compare all of them to this one now because this stuff by TBS is Shiz…….Insanely good & something that you gotta try […]

Grungy in Grey & Flowing in Teal ~ OOTD

1 Sep

Indian Fashion Blogger

I love mixing delicate vibes of fashion with sporty grungy ones ~ It combines the trendy with comfort effortlessly & that’s exactly what I am gonna do with today’s #OOTD…… Grungy in Grey & Flowing in Teal!  For this look, I combined Vogue And Me‘s Flowing Teal Skirt with a sporty sorta sequinned tee ~ The […]

For the Sake of Smokeyness, Give NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Black Bean a try!

1 Sep

NYX Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil

It’s been a while since I have reviewed some NYX stuff here……When I started with Corals With Blues, NYX was all I used to talk about! Since then, some have been sidelined but there are those few by NYX that have always been on the top of my vanity & one of those is….. NYX […]

To satisfy your cherry cravings: Maybelline Cherry Crush Colorshow Lipstick

31 Aug

Maybelline Cherry Crush Colorshow Lipstick Review Swatches

Got a hankering for cherries? Give…… Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick Cherry Crush a try! Because babe not only will you cherish the cherry hue but you’re gonna also relish it! 😉 I have tried 2 Maybelline Colorshow’s before Cherry crush & I adore them to the core! These are like the fun budgeted folks by Maybelline…… Maybelline […]

A Ravishing Crimson: L’oreal Infallible Lipstick in Ravishing Red

29 Aug

Loreal Infallible Lipstick in Ravishing Red Review Swatch

I gotta hand it to L’oreal….In the past few months, they made me from uuhhmmm I don’t know to I want this stuff! Well, with crazy dizzy tempting launches, you can sure turn a gal around 😉 ….My latest allure from their tempting launches has been……. L’oreal Infallible Lipstick in Ravishing Red  I only kinda […]

Plaids, Pearls & Lemon Fizz: OOTD

27 Aug

Vogue And Me

The Second Look with Vogue And Me’s Lemon Fizz Skirt. I love styling looks, mixing accessories & playing with different ideas to create cohesive looks & in that process, I started the 1 by more in Fashion series on this this blog where I style some of my favorites in more than one style ~ The first look […]

From All Good Scents: Evoke Perfume

26 Aug

All Good Scents Evoke Perfume

Dictionary Definition of Evoke Goes something like this: I say, It’s freaking awesome!!! Give it a whirl…… All Good Scents Evoke Perfume Made in France, All Good Scents is a recent addition to the fragrance galore of India & they have quite a range for both Men & Women. I have given their Flirty EDT a […]